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Michigan Wedding Slavin (MWS) will add your listing and link it to your website. Let the people of Michigan know about your wedding service. Just email your information, that's it! No cost, nothing to join, link exchange not required. For featured and other listing options → click here

There are only Two Requirements for Free Michigan links on this site.

          Not Based in Michigan? Go to link exchange → click here

          why is this a requirement?  explanation

How To ADD or UPDATE a Free MI Listing

Supply info in an email using this format...
1. Category for your listing. use list on left side of page
2. Name of Service (Link Title)
3. Website address (url)
4. optional. a very short sescription is allowed, not required. For better viewing on smart phones, descriptions are now brief.

Note: Traveling services such as officiants, cakes, limos, djs, photographers, catering, etc., include your Based In category area: Metro Detroit / SE MI, West MI, Mid MI, Northern MI.

When Ready, Send Info By Using Email Link on → This Page

USE NORMAL TEXT Email. No Attachments, no flyers, no press releases.

UPDATE   Send Current Info using Email Link on → This Page
State specific page it is on, name of listing, supply updated information.

Yes, getting listed and updated on Michigan Wedding Slavin The Website is just that easy. There is no online form to use to get listed because each listing is checked for accuracy before it gets posted. If a long description is supplied it will get drastically cut.

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Why is a Web Site (or web page) Required To Be Listed?
FOR VERIFICATION. Services can go out of business, move, or change what they offer. Website or designated web page allows visitors to go straight to current contact and general info about your service. This helps verify that you are still in business, informs if there has been any changes to your business, helps you quickly get all your information to visitors of this site, negates problem of listing descriptions that are no longer accurate, and helps visitors compare services.

Services usually keep their website up-to-date, but neglect updating listings on other sites or when out of business.

NOTE: Online Information can't be simple basic contact info on a listings page of some directory site. Ever go to a website directory that only shows basic contact info, call a phone number from a listing just to find out that number hasn't been good in years? Ever click on a basic listing e-mail link just to have it returned "Undeliverable" "Mailbox Cannot Be Found"?

Listing Options

OPTION 1:  Top of Free Listings – Reciprocal link  [text links only]
Get listed above those who don't link back. On your website, add a link to this site and notify me of the page it's on (supply full url). Use Add or Update email links above after you link to this site

OPTION 2:  Paid Featured Listings and Top Listing
(exclusively for Michigan Services)
Paid listings are listed above free listings, can include banner or logo.

The Knot charges about $100 to $150 Every Month or about $1,200 to $1,800 A YEAR. Other sites also charge a lot. On this site, featured listings can be a fraction of that cost.

Interested in a Paid or Featured Listing on MWS? MAKE AN OFFER. Currently there are no set charges and most reasonable offers would be accepted.

Yearly and Monthly Rate available. Monthly can help those on a budget or doing a short term advertising campaign.

Cost depends on category and type of listing: basic paid, featured, number one top, and for how long.

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