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Michigan Wedding Slavin The Website

The Purpose of this website is to do what no other wedding site does – give you direct access to as many wedding services in Michigan as possible. It does so by giving free listings with brief descriptions and links to their websites so you can go to their sites to see their current full information. Click categories in left column to see listings.

Here you discover the large and small, established and new. You are not limited to the few usual big-budget advertisers as seen on other sites. They are listed here, but on this site so many others are also listed.

MWS lists services actually located in Michigan. It's Free-For-Everyone, features no logins, nothing to join, no memberships, no questionaires, never asks for your personal info or email address to check out listed services.

Wedding Slavin is the term used here to describe the time and effort people spend on wedding planning and at weddings. It applies to brides & grooms and many times also to their family, friends and services. And Michigan Wedding Slavin The Website is slavin' for all of you!

Slavin is pronounced Slave-in. A fun way of saying working really hard.

Wedding Services in Michigan

Quickly See Services, Their Service Areas, Get To Their Websites. Using categories in left column, click names of listings or facebook links to visit their websites which will open in a new window. You still have the listings page so click on as many as you want to get their full current information and to compare services.

The great thing about this site is that anyone can suggest adding a listing. If you know of a service in Michigan that has a website but is not yet listed here, YOU can send in their information. For FREE Listing, service must be located in Michigan. Just email the name and website address and state category it goes in. For listing info, click – ADD Michigan Listing

This is how MWS facilitates your ability to access information of services that people in Michigan have difficulty in finding.

No forms to fill out! On many other sites, they take your information to sell it to vendors. Then you have to hope vendors will buy or bid for your info then contact you with their sales pitches. And who knows if your info gets sold to mass marketers and telemarketers?

That's why MWS skips filling out forms. Here, your info stays private and you get to check out each service and contact only the ones you like.

One Site For People Looking For Services, And For Those Who Provide The Services.
People quickly find services they need. Services get to let the public know what they do. No Costs to either. Welcome to one of the top wedding planning sites for Michigan. There's no other site like it.

To all the people getting married, CONGRATULATIONS !!!

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This Helpful Site is provided by → Madman Mike Your Musical Slave  Professional Michigan Wedding DJ based in Metro Detroit. His “must see” website is all about Music, Entertainment, Events in Michigan.

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